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Web design

Creation of websites, web shops, web portals, web invitations for weddings...


Your brand is more than just your business logo design.

Online Courses

Online school of web programming and similar content...

Digital marketing

Preparation of online ads, video ads, adsthrough social networks...

Web design

Your website creates a digital experience for your brand, making it an essential component of your marketing and business strategy.

w3sedic provides software innovation and market-leading solutions tailored to your business goals.

From concept to delivery, we transform your business through seamless front-end and back-end development software that is secure and tailored for the future of your company.


Your brand is more than just your business logo design. Our branding strategy includes an initial brand overhaul to a full brand identity creating a cohesive story for your business to customers and prospects across all channels.

The services of a branding agency help you define and develop a visual identity that builds brand experiences that will expand, transform and ensure the continued growth of your business. We create a brand strategy to deliver meaningful marketing initiatives that will help you increase your profits.

Online courses

We live in a world of modern technology, where more and more young people are choosing the direction of web professions. That's why one of our main goals is to make learning programming easily accessible and simple.

Our courses are simple and precise, easy to follow and focus on what is important to get you to the level where you can work on your own projects as soon as possible.

Digital marketing

With a comprehensive selection of customizable and award-winning data-driven marketing solutions, strategies and tactics, we promise each of our clients a unique, tailored, client-centric approach to most accurately and creatively assess their business, their needs and their target audience.

We work on editing social networks (facebook instagram), preparing advertisements, targeting certain groups of people, keeping statistics and we try to answer all the requests of our lazy people.